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About Camp Hike Life was created when our neighbors wanted to start experiencing the great outdoors for the first time. Of course, my wife and I overloaded them with info on gear, policies, plants and wildlife. The information seemed to stick.

However, we soon found ourselves bombarded with requests from other neighbors. They all wanted the same kind of information. They asked questions like “How do we go camping with the kids?” or “Can you give us some camping tips? It’s our first time with family.”

So, we decided to make this website to help you and our neighbors get the 101 on camping, hiking, and other activities that make life a bit more enjoyable. Not to mention, we also include tips on what kind of gear works best for most situations.

If it’s something that deals with the great outdoors, we’ll try our best to tackle it.

We hope you enjoy,

Mitch and Melissa

Getting Started

If you’re new to the outdoors or just want to brush up on some basics, we have some simple guides that can be beneficial to you.

Just click on one of the links below to get started:

Camping Tips

Backpacking 101

How to Kayak